UK Knife Laws For Selling, Buying And Carrying Knives

The UK Law for selling, buying or carrying knives are very strict, and the rules laid down in the UK specifically lay out what you can and can't do: You must be aware of the law.

If you are out in public, carrying a knife, do you know what the law is? You could easily be breaking the law and not even know it!

Could you be stopped and searched , by the police? What are your legal rights?

UK Knife Law Is Amongst
The Strictest In The World

It goes without saying that we all want to feel safe when out in a public place, and be able to walk freely without some maniac wandering around with knives hidden on them.
Statistics have proven that a near zero tolerance level does save lives, so having enforceable laws that will help prevent knives being used has to be good for us all.

I carry a small pocket knife, that is within the UK law.

The law says I am perfectly entitled to do so, in a reasonable manner within the law, so I exercise this right.
I am also quite happy to be stopped and searched for weapons at any time.  

But remember, the onus will always be with you to comply with the law, and not simply say you didn't know.

Ignorance of the UK knife laws will get you in big trouble.

To be quite honest, most of the knife laws are common sense, and quit easily understood.
So make sure you know them first.....