Personal Self Defence and Attack Alarms for Women

Personal Self Defence
Attack Alarms For Women

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Crime rates and attacks are definitely on the decrease in the UK, and the reason may well be the introduction of some very effective personal alarms that are available today.

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Modern technology means these personal attack alarms are proving to be a very effective method of raising an alarm and alerting others, as well as disorientating a would be attacker with such high a volume, piercing sound that they almost overwhelm the situation.

There effectiveness has been proven to work in an attack situation, whether that be someone who is trying to steal from you, attack you or in a very worse case scenario, a rape attack.

It is almost impossible to get up close to a personal attack alarm once it is set off and it’s sounding out a piercing high volume ‘screech’.

Personal Attack Alarm
Designed To Get Noticed

These personal alarms are designed to produce a very high output sound level, and do this from an amazingly small unit. 

Carried on your belt, neck chain or keyring, they are inconspicuous and are ergonomically designed for quick, easy activation when needed.

In the event of an attack, or even a suspected attack, the very last thing you want is to be unable to shout for help.

But in a panicking and sudden adrenalin surged, frightened state many people find they are rendered speechless. This is quite a common response to an attack.

A personal security alarm will, most definitely, break that silence, both shocking the would be attacker, and raising an alarm loud enough to get everyone’s attention.

In most cases the sudden high volume of the alarms piercing scream is more than enough to make the attacker run for the hills.

Main Elements To An Attack Alarm

Main elements to an Attack Alarm: 

  • Size & shape - the alarm has to relatively small

  • Weight - the lighter the better

  • Appearance - must be pleasing to the eye

  • Ease of operation - one touch, one hand operation

  • Battery life - long battery life is essential

  • Volume - the louder the better

  • Sound length - the alarm must sound for a while & cannot be disarmed during that time

  • Multi function - hand operated, key chain operated, door operated, pull cord function, strobe light

What alarms are available for self defence

What Personal Alarms Are Available As Self Defence?

Compact sized unit with a torch as well. Loud 140 Dbl siren.

The key ring and alarm cord are two separate items which reduces false alarms, uses 3 x LR44 watch batteries.

Compact sized unit with a torch as well. Loud 140 Dbl siren - 130Dbl @ 1mtr

Small size (40mm x 45mm x 16mm). Pull Pin Activation with Separate Key-Ring - (Also available in Blue, Green & Silver)

  • ila PEBBLE, an alarm that emits a 130dB siren that is designed to be used as a keyring.
  • Keys are permanently with you, now an alarm is too
  • Activates a high-decibel alarm in less than a second

Attack Alarms - Alternative Design

The SG390s clever design means that there are no rip cords.
This reduces the annoyance of false activation with the rip cord being snagged and accidentally pulled.

Accidental activation is one of the reasons why people do not use Personal Alarms.

The SURE SG390BK is efficient, at over 130 db and very easy to operate.

It's aesthetically pleasing design and light weight means it can be worn on a shirt pocket in the same way as a pager.
It is extremely popular with the medical profession dues to its easy to clean wipe clean casing and the very sleek, professional design.

 Attack Alarm Key Features and Specifications :

Activation: Pressure Activation.
Siren: 120dB Battery:
Supplied Colour: Ebony Guarantee:
5 Years Approvals:
CE Certified Dimensions: 75mm x 40mm x 12mm
Compact sized unit with a torch as well.
Loud 140 Dbl siren - 130Dbl @ 1mtr

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