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UK Legal Pepper Spray
For Self Defence

The laws regarding self defence in the UK are very strict, and for any normal,
law abiding member of the public this can be a real problem

Your choices of defensive weapons to protect yourself and your family are very limited and strictly controlled UK laws and rightly so.

It makes sense that your not allowed to walk around with a 10″ machete strapped to your back, or a handgun or any other dangerous, lethal weapon for that matter, even if you you claim that it’s just for self defence.


A dangerous weapon is a weapon, and as simple as that, if you walk around carrying a weapon,  then the intention implies that you are ready and prepared to use that weapon – resulting in varying injury levels or even death.

The problem is, when it comes to actually defending yourself the choice of “weapon to carry” is not so easy.

With such strict laws in the UK,  it is actually against the law to even hold and point a knife at someone - against a  would be burglar for example, and even worse to actually use it.

The problem to us law abiding citizens is that the crime rate in the UK remains a problem – you still see theft, break-ins, rape and mugging. All are still a major problem and quite commonplace, especially in our cities.

Now when we add to that to the simple fact of law that we cannot legally carry a weapon to defend ourselves, we now find a problem of having to look for a legal alternative method of protection for ourselves, our children and the family.

Possibly, one of the most effective, non-lethal, self defence weapons that would deter a looter is pepper spray.

But, Is It Legal To Carry Pepper Spray In The UK?

  • So, are you allowed to carry pepper spray in the UK? 
    Well the main problem with carrying or using a pepper spray here in the UK, is the fact that it is also classed as an offensive weapon.  In fact, pepper spray is considered the same level as a firearm..!!! 

The law is very specific,
and is laid out in Section 5(1) (b) of the firearms act 1968.

This act prohibits any weapon of any description, designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other substance.

In a nutshell the law is saying that full on pepper spray, the type the UK police use [ as seen in this photo ] that contains a noxious gas is one of those items that is considered illegal to carry and illegal to use in the UK by civilians and preppers alike.

The general public and UK citizen cannot own, carry or use pepper spray.
The UK police can.

legal weapons UK law book

Are There Alternatives To Pepper Spray
For The UK Public?

The answer is YES - in fact the only LEGAL ALTERNATIVE that the general public have at their disposal, and one that works in a similar way to the Pepper Spray in the UK, and one we can use for self defence is the:

Here's the specifications;

  • Non Toxic & UK Legal
  • Can Be Carried By Any Adult 
  • Discreet & Compact
  • Non Lethal Criminal Identifier 
  • Contains No Harmfull Chemicals
  • 4 mtr Spray Range
  • Highly Effective - Giving Time To Escape

The Spray Container measures in at only 85 x 34 mm yet packs a punch that will stop and disorientate a potential attacker.

legal weapons UK pepper spray alternative

When it is sprayed at face level it will completely disorientated an attacker – with the natural instinct for him to stop for a second and back off – if sprayed at the eyes it will cause blurred vision for a few minutes, making an attack even more difficult.

Once the gel spray is sprayed into the eyes it is not possible to see what you are doing, causing blurred vision for a minute - trying to wipe it off wiping only makes it worse.

I have fully tested the spray on myself, I can assure you it was not possible to do anything other than try to protect myself and my face from the spray.

Can you imagine the panic factor you put into the attacker when he looks down at his blood red hands after you have sprayed him..!?

UK legal pepper spray alternative

Also, the natural instinct is to try and wipe it off – this only makes thing worse.!

He will have no idea what has just happened and be more scared and ready to run off, than you !

This Farb Gel remains on the attackers skin and clothing for up to 7 days – making the police very aware if a potential attack has taken place.

Value for money, this is a ‘must have’ self defence method for preppers and everyone else, especially at the silly price of under £11 including VAT & delivery for the basic spray bottle.

Do you even need a method of self defence in the UK.?

In the UK statistics show that crime against adults [16 and over] has decreased.
In fact crime in the UK is at an all time low and continues to fall.

From its peak in 1995/6 to 2016 it has steadily fallen each year.

Latest figures and statistics from the government's own information website, [chart above]   The Office of National Statistics, quotes that in the latest Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) there is an estimated 8.5 million incidents of crime against households and resident adults (aged 16 and over).

So is everything OK then.?

Well, yes and no –

Yes, in so much as it’s good that the crime rates are falling and things are getting safer.

No, when you look at the actual figures and the amount of crime still reported.

The study is for England and Wales during the year ending June 2013.

The good news is that this figure actually represents a 7% decrease compared with the previous year’s survey.
But 8.5 million incidents..!!

legal weapons UK pepper spray alternative

That's an awful lot if you ask me.

As a member of the public, I do not want to be one of those statistics, thank you very much…..

 Being prepared is what it’s all about and whenever I go out I always carry with me my survival keyring kit AND my Defence Spray – it just makes sense..

* Video Review & Test:

Self Defence Pepper Spray

Is it against the law to carry actual pepper spray in the UK?

Unfortunately the answer is a big fat YES -  It is absolutely ILLEGAL to carry pepper spray and use it to for self defence in the UK.
But that applies to a spray that contains any noxious gas, which typically conventional pepper spray does.
The Farb Gel Criminal Identifier does not contain any noxious gas - making it perfectly legal in the UK.

* Buy Now:

Choose from the spray only, spray and pouch or add a  twin pack below:

Final Thoughts On This
Self Defence Spray - 

The spray has been designed to meet all UK legal requirements and is totally legal to carry here – any member of the public who has concerns about safety for themselves or their family should definitely consider purchasing and carrying one of these sprays.

I carry one, and so does all my family.

The good thing is the red coloured gel remains on the attacker for up to a week after, making them instantly recognizable as a potential threat again.

I like this Pepper Spray UK Alternative very much for the simple reason that it works – not only are they cheap and effective, they are also completely legal to carry.

You can buy the spray with a neat belt pouch for a couple of pounds extra – I found this very handy as it will clip onto a 2″ belt quite easily.

It can also be attached onto a ladies handbag where it is readily accessible if you need it – I then just bought the spray on its own as a backup.

In essence:
this defence spray will buy you a couple of precious seconds to make an escape.

It is not designed to maim or incapacitate an attacker to the point where they are rolling around on the ground gasping for breath with their eyes burning out of their sockets - but when used it will disorientate and stop that attack for a few seconds minimum.

While the attacker is busy wiping the spray out of their eyes, you make your escape.
Even if that attacker is drunk, drugged up or high an adrenaline, they cannot attack you if they can't see you.

With a 4 metre spray range, you have the ability to keep a good distance from anyone as they approach you - if you feel threatened, and anticipate an attack, then you have the right to use this in order to make an escape.