LED Strobe Torch For Self Defence

Best LED Strobe Torch
For Self Defence

Most people would not think of a torch as a self defence weapon, however, there are a few torches that offer features that are definitely worth considering when it comes to non-lethal self defence.

In this short video below, you can see the effectiveness of using an
LED strobe torch for self defence.

Without doubt, technology has come a very long way in the development of really good LED tactical torches – we see them mounted on rifles and hand guns, as well as used by the military, police forces and security companies.

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Klarus XT11 LED Torch (2 x CR123)

klarus xt11 led tactical tourch

Gone are the days of poor performance, low light, short battery life and weak beam strength – the modern tactical LED torch is now at another level, making it a superb additional self defence weapon for use here in the UK and around the world.

– with specific features that can easily be used to defend against an attacker. The normal torch features are excellent, however, I am concentrating purely on its defensive capabilities in this article.

How can a torch help defend against an attack..?

  • With the Klarus XT11 the first thing to bear in mind is that it's made of metal - an anodized aluminium alloy body, with NO PLASTIC PARTS.
  • It has a metal front facing 'STRIKE RING', primarily designed for smashing and breaking glass panels
  • The torch output is a very high, white light, putting out over 800 lumens light output
  • It has a defensive full power STROBE ACTION which is activated at the touch of a button.
  • Lanyard attachment to ensure you do not accidentally drop it.
  • The military grey anodising makes it inconspicuous at night
  • Since writing this article, the Klarus XT11 has been made even better, with a full upgrade to the Klarus XT11GT.  Although the older XT11 is still available.

    The best thing about this type of defensive weapon is - it's completely legal to own and use and carry in a public place, making it an ideal additional self defence weapon to carry with you at all times.
    As an actual, physical weapon. You would only ever use it as a last resort where you perceive the attack to be either eminent or the attack was actually happening against you.

    Is a Strobe Torch An Effective Self Defence Weapon?

    Remember folks, the idea of using a high powered strobe beam as a defence weapon is all about giving you a few precious seconds in which to either make an escape or use force to attack back whilst the attacker is disorientated.
    With the shaped metal bezel at the front you also have a decent striking weapon to use as well.

    In this type of attack, situation awareness, and pre-empting an attacking is paramount.

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    Use The Torch's High Light Power To Your advantage

    klarus xt11 led torch

    As with all potential attacks, the best policy is to keep your distance wherever possible and to pre-empt any attack or dangerous situation before it actually happens.
    This is where a high powered LED torch comes into its own. The light beam is just so powerful, the natural instinct is to back off any shield your eyes - which gives you distance and the advantage, enabling an escape.
    The, would be, attacker will be temporally blinded with nice big white spots in their eyes.  

    Defence Features Of An LED Torch

    The biggest advantage to using a tactical torch is the special STROBE FUNCTION that will completely disorientate the attacker as well as leave temporary blinded, giving you enough time to make an escape away from any dangerous situation.
    Even a relatively low level of light that has a strobe effect will cause disorientation if shone directly at an attacker, especially if the attacker is not expecting it.
    This method of self defence weapon is highly effective and WILL GIVE YOU TIME TO ESCAPE an attack.

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