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UK Knife Laws For Selling, Buying And Carrying Knives

Selling, Buying And Carrying KnivesUK Knife LawsThe UK Law for selling, buying or carrying knives are very strict, and the rules laid down in the UK specifically lay out what you can and can’t do: You must be aware of the law.If you are out in public, carrying a knife, do you know what the …

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LED Strobe Torch For Self Defence

Best LED Strobe TorchFor Self DefenceMost people would not think of a torch as a self defence weapon, however, there are a few torches that offer features that are definitely worth considering when it comes to non-lethal self defence.In this short video below, you can see the effectiveness of using anLED strobe torch for self …

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Best UK Legal Folding Pocket Knife Guide

Legal knives:  UK Legal Folding Pocket knifeThe UK laws allows anyone over 18 to carry a pocket knife – but the knife must be a folding, non locking pocket knife with the blade measuring less than 3″ long when opened.The handle and overall length make no difference to the law, it is only the blade …

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UK Legal Pepper Spray


The Best AlternativeUK Legal Pepper SprayFor Self DefenceThe laws regarding self defence in the UK are very strict, and for any normal,law abiding member of the public this can be a real problem Your choices of defensive weapons to protect yourself and your family are very limited and strictly controlled UK laws and rightly so.It …

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Personal Self Defence and Attack Alarms for Women

Personal Self DefenceAttack Alarms For WomenCrime rates and attacks are definitely on the decrease in the UK, and the reason may well be the introduction of some very effective personal alarms that are available today. Modern technology means these personal attack alarms are proving to be a very effective method of raising an alarm and …

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Klarus LED Torch Range High Powered Beam And Strobe Light

Klarus LED Torch Range High Powered Beam And Strobe LightThe Klarus range of LED torches are constantly being upgraded, and as such the improvements to the Klarus XT11 (see my video review here ) really does take it to another level…!Klarus XT11GT – Info & Price HereKlarus XT11GT Is Klarus XT11S Upgraded Version4th Generation KLARUS …

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