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Are Self Defence Weapons
Legal In The UK ?

Do You Know:

In the eyes of the UK law
there's no such thing

 as a Self Defence Weapon

In fact, if you are carry ANY weapon, whether it is legal or not, for the sole purpose of self defence, you are breaking the laws in the UK.

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The laws for buying, owning and using a weapon in the United Kingdom are mighty strict – and rightly so – we have some of the lowest injury and death statistics in the world.

This can only be attributed to a near zero tolerance approach towards weapons of all sorts.

But you can carry certain deterrents and criminal identifiers, as well as certain knives - see the list here

Regardless of what you intend to use a weapon for – whether it’s for a hobby, hunting or in this case Self Defence, if you do not abide by the rules you can get into big trouble.

There are laws for buying weapons – Laws for owning weapons and Laws for using weapons.

All in all just about anything can, in the right circumstances and in the eye’s of the law, be considered an offensive weapon.

What Self Defence Weapons Are Legal?

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To fully answer that question, you need to know some basic information:

  • What is a weapon?
  • What is self defence?
  • How do 'the circumstances' effect self defence?

There is a whole host of weapons that you can and cannot own legally.  But remember, just about anything can be deemed as an offensive weapon, it depends on the type of a particular situation. See here for the UK Weapons Guidelines.

- There is a fine line between force and excessive force - self defence and excessive self defence - so what does this mean.? see here for Self Defence Laws 

- Every attack and defence is different to some degree. But your reaction to 'the situation' dictates the 'the circumstances' as to what is considered Self Defence. If you are carrying any form of a weapon, then the circumstances are very important part of UK Self Defence Weapons Laws.

What Weapons Are Legal To Own?

There are many weapons that can be purchased and owned legally in the UK mainland.  I say 'mainland' because some weapons laws are very different in Northern Ireland, even though it is considered part of the UK.
Also Scotland has some odd weapons laws as well, so what area of the United Kingdom you live in can also effect your legal stance.
However, there are a lot of legal weapons that are readily available to anyone who meets the various requirements of the Offensive Weapons Act which governs the sale and control of legal and non legal weapons. The Offensive Weapons Act is covered here under UK Weapons Guidelines.

Legal Weapons For Sale:

There is a complete list of legal weapons within the legal weapons for sale pages here on this website.

Most can be bought on line with proof of age and address and, providing you use them within the confines of the law, then you have a perfect right to own them and use them. I do not cover any weapons that are considered illegal or require a firearms certificate [FAC]. This is a very specialist area and this site is more specifically about the Non FAC Legal Weapons that you can own and carry here in the UK.

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